A Picture of Bradford (1999)


Heads Together was now working throughout the year on the Transition To Work Course, running regular sessions at Shipley College as well as more intensive projects.

A Picture of Bradford was one of the first developments of our work looking at the learning space between education and community. 10 years later academic Kate Pahl would use our work as something she defined as Third Space, but back then...well it seemed like a natural progression!


The research and production element of the project took place over 3 weeks  at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television. The starting point...to shoot photographs that could sum up Bradford to anyone in the world. Have a look at the archive website.

One of the chosen 4: the most popular photographs chosen on the Picture of Bradford website


This was one of many partnerships where we were brokering a three-way relationships; our ongoing work with Shipley College and bringing in the Photography Museum as an arts venue. Taking the young people to work in a prestigious place like the Museum brought many advantages, particularly where our main focus was to enhance self-esteem.


We were still able to obtain European funding, in this case with the transnational Vitalia programme.  Additional funding from sources like the Science Museum's STEM project encouraged the production of online educational resources.

Have a look at the archived Picture of Bradford website.

This is a wonderful way to share your community with people far away. Thanks for all the great pictures!

Libby Maynard, California USA

From the hundreds of people who chose 4 photos

What We Learned

  • It wasn't possible to sum up Bradford with just one image. But choosing four from a series worked a treat.
  • The concept of using your own neighbourhood as the starting point for learning was one that worked
  • Getting your friends, family, your MP and indeed people from all round the world to come to a website and choose one of your photos as their favourite... that felt good!

Where Next?

"Web 2.0"–the term was first coined in 1999. We couldn't wait!

Another of the top four photographs from the Picture of Bradford site