Can you see me now Mrs Quinton? (1998)


Our long-term partnership with John Smeaton Community High School started in 1998 (and continues to this day). The aim: to develop creative ways of enhancing learning across the curriculum. A whole range of programmes of work were developed over the years...


One element of the work was to work with young people who were struggling at school (rather than waiting till post 16 which we were doing with the likes of Shipley College). Can you see me now Mrs Quinton? was an intensive project working with a group of young people who were at risk of exclusion in the school. It is a good example of the use of photography and design in Self Image work that we had pioneered in Shipley College and could now develop in other situations...


To partner a high school is an immense undertaking, particularly for a small organisation like Heads Together. Doing something like that within a framework certainly helped in the first place; the CAPE programme enabled us to have time to think through the realities of partnership...


Funding for the CAPE work came from a variety of sources including government and European funding. But if the programme of work is to be a real partnership who holds the purse strings?

It makes you feel right proud of what you're doing

Kelly Bailey

Year 10: John Smeaton Community High School

What We Learned

This was the first time that we had been actively encouraged by a third party to sit down before launching into a series of projects and think through what we were trying to achieve as a partnership, and how we might work together. As we had started to develop the whole concept of "creativity with purpose" this was just what we were looking for.

Where Next?

Working with Smeaton was our first introduction to the communities of East Leeds. In 2001, we made the decision to commit ourselves to work in East Leeds over an extended period of time; to develop our own work rather than to follow other organisations' and funders' priorities. Well...we're still there and have a vast portfolio of work we have achieved in the area.