Tonight's the Night (1989)


We wanted to further develop the process that we had been working with: a collaborative residency, an installation with performances. We decided to take a simple starting point, something that would resonate with a wide range of people: falling in and out of love.


Sculptor Gary Cromack worked with performers Adrian Sinclair and Gerry Turvey over four separate residencies: two in Bradford, one in Huddersfield and one in Carlisle.

Over two hundred people were involved in workshops, hundreds more came to see the Company rehearsing. The resulting show included mime, dance, acrobatics, soul music, Super 8 film, eighty pieces of white clothing and twenty seven mirrors.

Performers Adrian Sinclair and Gerry Turvey


The residencies were all in partnership with education departments within Art Galleries. Having had positive reports from our first residencies in Leeds and Wakefield, they were very positive about the idea of really getting a range of people directly involved in the creative process.


In the days when there was Yorkshire Arts (in Bradford) and the Arts Council down in London...and they were different things: this was our first project that got funding from both towards the creation and touring of Tonight's the Night.

The rest of the money would come direct from the galleries themselves (or rather from the local authorities who ran the galleries).

It would have gone down well in a season of experimental dance, but at the same time was clearly appreciated by a very different and 'non-art' audience.

Ramsay Burt

Yorkshire Arts Assessor

What We Learned

  • Like relationships, collaborations are very exciting on the first date, but the really productive time comes once you get to know each other properly... Bringing the same team together on a new project worked really well. That's one thing we have kept throughout our 25 years: bring people and organisations together...but take the time to develop the partnership.
  • The content of the performance developed through the different residencies, but we had been right to choose a theme that encouraged participation and reflection. People loved talking about love!

Where Next?

With a strong record of work in galleries, it was time to get back out onto the streets!

A still from the Super 8 film that was part of the performance. Film-maker Tamsin Spain