Chapel FM | News | December 2013

Chapel FM | News | December 2013

We all got very excited when architect Matt Strong sent us this picture through the other week. The first weeks of the renovation of the Old Seacroft Chapel seemed all about making things worse rather than better: removing the pulpit and the pews downstairs; stripping all the plaster off the walls and uncovering all the structural issues (the vestry and organ loft were found not to be attached to the rest of the chapel...they are now!) But now we have proof that we are actually doing something positive to the place—the Chapel roof was in a state with trees growing out of the gutters and water leaking everywhere. But now...watertight and all ready to provide us with some solar power...

Things are starting to take shape inside too. I was up there the other day to see that the new floor has gone in now to create our first floor stage area. You've still got to use your imagination but... boy—that's going to be a beautiful live room.

Much of my time in recent weeks has been taken up poring over plans with titles like "Containment for Specialist Services". The thing is, apart from the regular power sockets and computer network cabling; we've also got a whole bunch of other cables we need to put into the fabric of the building—for audio and video streaming. About £10,000 worth of cables in fact. And when I say into the fabric of the building....19th Century chapels were just not designed with lots of spare spaces for running cables!

We are working closely with our specialist contractor—Mottosound—who will be coming in to fit out the building once our lovely builders/joiners have worked their magic on the place. (Russ's estimate for the installation costs was based on stripping, tinning, soldering and tying some 3000 connections—he reckoned an average of 5 minutes for each one!).

But the cables themselves have to go into the building very soon (first-fix) and if we forget a DMX cable for the lighting rig; an HD-SDI link for the remote controlled camera set-up or just don't have enough XLR multicores linking the three studios—well, I will be in lots of trouble! And so I must admit to a bit of pre-Christmas cable stress!

It's all in the detail of course; and I want to invite you all to be part of the detail yourselves...

This is my (audio) signature—it's what the waveform looks like when I record my name. We want your (audio) signatures for Chapel FM—or rather Zoë Eady does.

Zoë was appointed as the public artist for our development earlier in the year. She works with glass and will be creating eight brand new windows for Chapel FM—some stained glass and some sandblasted. I'm not going to show you the designs of the windows, you'll need to come along when the building is finished and see for yourself (but I can tell you that they look brill!). But I will tell you how you can get yourself onto the windows themselves!

The theme for the main feature windows at the front of the building reflects one of our original jingles back in 2003 "From the people to the people" And Zoe is planning to incorporate as many audio signatures into the finished glass as possible. So she wants your autograph; you being the people who have made ELFM what it is and backed our development of Chapel FM. 

The full details of what to do are in the pdf below but it's simple really—just record yourself saying your name and send the audio file off to the special email address: And then you really will be part of Chapel FM...for ever more!

All the details of what you need to do with your audio signature

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