Young people heading to Japan

Young people heading to Japan

In the summer of 2012, Creative Director Adrian Sinclair traveled to Tokyo to lecture at the request of the Japanese Association for Children-focused Environments.

The response to the lecture was very positive and we have been developing plans to extend the partnership with Professor Isami Kinoshita from Chiba University. Isami is particularly active working in some of the areas hit by the 2011 tsunami on the east coast of Japan. His work focuses on ensuring that young people are involved in the re-development of the devastated areas.

In particular Isami was interested in bringing some young people from our respective projects to work and learn together. It was an ambitious plan but we  have been able to make real progress towards the goal. We have a group of young people from our ELFM graduates group working hard on fundraising, planning and developing ideas and they are using social media to link with some of the young people in Japan.

But it all seemed like a pipe-dream when we realised just how expensive the trip would be. And so we are really happy to announce that we have been awarded funds from two Trusts towards a visit this summer.

Thank you first of all to the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation who awarded the group £5000 towards the trip and also a further £1000 from The Japan Society.

At the same time the young people are planning all kinds of fundraising events themselves including a large amount of baking cakes, packing bags in local supermarkets, and sponsored busking.

Japan - here we come!

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