Live@Chapel Festival 2012

Live@Chapel Festival 2012

THIS IS ELFM’S SECOND LIVE@CHAPEL FESTIVAL and I am very pleased to be able to share with you a fabulous programme of the best in creative broadcasting.
The concept is simple: bring together 500 of the best storytellers, musicians, poets, writers, actors, DJs, comedians, school-children and singers in a beautiful old Methodist Chapel in East Leeds.

Tune in at from 8pm on Friday 15th June with an opening blast from the Warm Up Sessions, our regular Friday night dance-music programme. The WarmUpAthon will keep going for a solid 24-hour stretch, with live mixes from a whole range of top DJs.
On Sunday 17th June, Father’s Day, we present the ELFM Readathon. A team of volunteers will read all 300 pages of The Plot — Madeleine Bunting’s memoir of her father and the Chapel he built in North Yorkshire.
From Monday 18th to Friday 22nd June, we’ll be broadcasting a whole range of programmes between 1pm and midnight every day. From 7pm until 9pm each evening we have something a bit special and we would like to invite you to come and be the perfect studio audience (pews provided!)…
…Monday: Seven Seas: A Story Telling Cabaret with music from the Ocean Loiners.
…Tuesday: A Night of Two Johns with poet John Hegley and band Spirit of John.
…Wednesday: You’ll have to Kill for a Seat to get into our Chuckle in the Chapel extravaganza.
…Thursday: The Wireless Room — a live radio play based on the telegraph communications from the Titanic — followed by a live session from Leeds legend Brendan Croker.
…Friday: Play*Write*Hear pursues the whole theme of radio drama with music from the lovely Lunchtime Disco Club.
In true ELFM tradition, all our evening specials are Pay What You Want. All monies raised will go to the Friends of chapELFM Fund.

If you would like to come along as audience to any of the special events contact: MILLIE@HEADSTOGETHER.ORG
To finish off the Festival in style, at 1pm on Saturday 23rd June we start the fourth annual ELFM Musicathon (this year in honour of the Olympics re-badged as the ELFM Music Marathon). Some three hundred musicians and singers will be passing the torch to keep the music live for a truly marathonal time of 26.2 hours!
Welcome to the world that is Live@Chapel 2012.
Adrian Sinclair

Creative Director: Heads Together Productions

Full programme for the Live@Chapel Festival

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