On the Streets again

On the Streets again

Turfing the streets of the Methleys neighbourhood in 1996 was a key moment for Heads Together. Apart from the massive publicity it gained, it helped the Company to really define the phrase Creativity with Purpose. By 2002 the Methleys was one of a new breed of Home Zones being piloted across the country; streets redesigned to give people equal priorities to cars.

That was ten years ago and, as Heads Together celebrates its 25th anniversary, we thought it would be interesting to re-visit the Methleys to find out if there had been any lasting impact on the neighbourhood.

Returning to the neighbourhood, it was lovely to see how the shrubberies created back in 2002 have matured (and are still being looked after by neigbours). We even spotted games marked out on the streets – evidence of last year's summer activities.

Once people in the Methleys realised that it would be the 10-year anniversary of the creation of a Home Zone, it was agreed it was time to celebrate.

On Sunday May 6th, Methley Drive will once more be closed to traffic for fun and games; and in the evening live music will be provided by ELFM's Associate Bands followed by the latest outdoor projection on The Methleys Screen on the Wall: The Muppets.

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