A Halo of Safety

A Halo of Safety

As part of the All in the Mind project, we have been working on Maplebeck Ward in Lynfield Mount Hospital for the last 4 months. Jaki Vaughan, Ward Manager, wanted us to look at creating a better environment for 'The Hub' of Maplebeck. She wanted it to have the feel of an art gallery café.

The project is all about improving the ways we communicate with people about mental health issues, particularly at times of crisis. As an Acute Psychiatric Ward, some people will come to the Ward at the point in their lives when they have just been diagnosed as having a serious mental health issue. We talked to a lot of people who were or had been patients on Maplebeck or one of the other Acute Wards at Lynfield Mount:

“With the wards, you get out of them what you put in. But when you first get there, how do you know what you need to put in, what’s expected of you? That’s what you could help people with.”

So an idea started to develop...what if you used the walls of the Hub almost as an information brochure for the Ward; using simple text, narrative and imagery to explain what the place is all about. So that people could see straightaway what was expected of you and what you could get out of the place.

Working at Maplebeck has been fabulous. Staff and patients have been full of ideas and never afraid to give us honest feedback! All that is left to do now is to stand back and launch the newly-designed Hub on March 20th.

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