Impact and longevity

Having spent such a lot of effort creating this website to mark 25 years of working, it is refreshing to know that people are still interested in our legacy projects. Two enquiries in recent days:

Classic Jaguar enthusiast Neville Swales got in touch for a copy of the Meltdown book and dvd we made in partnership with the Trades Union at West Yorkshire Foundries - the last surviving aluminium smelting factory in the UK (you can read more about the project if you have a look at our highlighted programme for the year 2004). Neville was also very interested in the fact that the Fettling website we set up with the workers at the plant is still in existence and that former foundry workers use the Afterlives section to stay in touch.


These kids will be all grown up now...but they won't forget the weekend we turfed the Methleys (have a look at our 1996 featured programme of work). The images were in all the national press and on television and everything...but it still makes us very proud whe we got an email the other day from Basia Kuś-Saxton from the Sendzimir Foundation in Poland asking for permission to use some images from the Methleys in a publication they are producing to distribute to" all the municipalities in Poland, especially to cities, libraries, universities and other institutions of higher education, and to NGOs interested in sustainable development." As we work towards celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Methleys becoming a permanent home zone, we were only too happy to oblige.

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