Five French Ladies

Five French Ladies

We had a great time this week hosting five arts professionals from France who came to visit Heads Together as part of their training with Relais Culture Europe: an extensive training program that will train French cultural participants to face European changes as leaders. More details in the attached document...

The five participants were encouraged to visit Heads Together by Ivor Davies (formerly at the Arts Council - but now working with Visiting Arts.) They were particularly interested in the relationship between culture and community and the role of arts in change and lots of scope for interesting discussions.

The group were able to visit both the East Leeds FM base and the Heads Together/Two Valleys base in Meltham so we could show how our approach varies depending on the place (something very apparent looking at such different rural and urban settings). Each of the visitors plays an important developmental role in their own organisations in different parts of France - working in theatre, literature, music, visual arts etc – but all with a real interest in participation.

We are in a busy production phase at the moment, but it is very good, in our 25th year, to still take time to think and discuss. 

Relais Culture Europe

Introductory document to the extensive training programme

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