Plans for chapELFM

Plans for chapELFM

What a week! We have had two exciting developments on the ChapELFM fundraising target.

Following a visit to the Chapel by the Monument Trust, part of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, we have been notified by the Trustees that they wish to support our development with a £100,000 grant.

The Trustees were very impressed with the progress we are making to convert Seacroft Methodist Chapel into an arts centre for the local community and a bespoke home for ELFM. In addition, we heard back from WREN Landfill Communities Fund about a grant we submitted for the Chapel. We were delighted that the Advisory Panel have awarded us a grant of up to £50,000 for the conversion.

These grants take us even further to our goal of saving this beautiful building and restoring it for future use by the local community.

We are currently working with consultant Teo Greenstreet to take us through the planning phase and work on all the important things like business plans, detailed budgets and access surveys. We should have more news in early 2012...

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