Using the walls to communicate

Using the walls to communicate

We now have approval from the Senior Management at Lynfied Mount Hospital to move into the next phase of the All in the Mind project. It's the exciting bit, doing stuff! Lizzie Coombes has been working on Wykebeck Ward to develop ideas for re-designing the cental hub space on the ward. 

Because this is an informal meeting space for patients and staff, the original idea was to create the feel of a cross between an art gallery and a cafe. What we wanted to add was to use the walls to convey information in an accessible way: almost to create a visual brochure for the that could be used by staff and patients to help make sense of the journey through the hospital.

On the 13th October we spent the day on the Ward mocking up ideas on the walls and talking to staff and patients. It was a big thumbs up so far...

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