Scurrah Wainwright success

Scurrah Wainwright success

We had a very successful Live@Chapel festival in June; demonstrating what a range of live work we would be able to programme if we were to develop Seacroft Methodist Chapel into a permanent arts centre and home for East Leeds FM. For a taster of what went on over the 10 day festival, have a look at the Live@Chapel presentation.

During the festival, we launched our chapELFM appeal and were verypleased with the number of people who joined our Friends of chapELFM scheme. Please consider joining too!

    And now we are very pleased to announce the first major donation towards the appeal. The Scurrah Wainwright Trusthas agreed a major grant:

"The trustees agreed an exceptional grant £25,000 to Heads Together Productions. This is a contribution to the conversion of Seacroft Methodist Chapel and is given in memory of Joyce Wainwright who died in February"

Long way to go yet, but great to get such a positive start from the Wainwrights.

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