Heads Together Productions: A Manifesto

Heads Together believes in:

  • the transformative power of involvement in significant creative processes
  • the power of creativity in effecting positive changes in social and community settings
  • providing opportunities to develop everyone’s creative potential
  • active creative collaboration between artists and other professionals
  • achieving the highest quality
  • productive partnerships with other professionals/agencies to effect long-term results
  • the continued development of our own skills and art form practice

Heads Together respects:

  • the equal importance of artistic and social aspirations
  • the particular contribution people in communities make to the process, in partnership with Heads Together
  • the need to understand the importance of the political, social, cultural and economic context within which we work

Heads Together will:

  • develop imaginative, inspiring and meaningful creative work with people
  • set up inclusive frameworks for involvement in creative work
  • value individual identity
  • maintain, along with project participants, a clear understanding of the purpose and aspirations for any programme of work
  • exercise a duty of care regarding the impact a project may have on participants, communities and partners
  • support the potential for individual and group progression

With acknowledgement to Jennie Hayes - January 2004

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