ELFM started as an internet-based radio station broadcasting throughout the communities of East Leeds. First launched back in 2003 with students from John Smeaton High School, over 9000 people have been involved in broadcasting since then–ranging in age from three to eighty seven!


We believe that, in a TV and image-obsessed world, radio is an eloquent, under-rated, democratic medium.  As citizens and human beings we make our world a better place by being curious about it.

ELFM aims to expand an awareness amongst its audience and volunteers of the potential of radio in a rapidly changing media environment.


ELFM is now based in Chapel FM—the beautifully restored Seacroft Methodist Chapel—and now the first-ever dedicated arts centre in East Leeds.

With 32000 listeners annually the station focuses on three key areas of work: supporting live local music; developing words and literature; and creating true community journalism.

Latest News

Chapel FM | Job Opportunity

We are looking for a Community Arts Worker with responsibility for our music provision

Heads Together at Chapel FM

Full commitment to our work at the beautiful arts centre

Chapel FM | Job Opportunity

We are looking for a new Community Arts Worker at Chapel FM

Chapel FM | An amazing first year

The first year of Chapel FM

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Community radio at its best.  Operating now from the amazing new facility that is Chapel FM in the heart of East Leeds, it serves some of the most deprived communities in England.

Rory Barke

East Leeds Area Manager: Leeds City Council

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Funding & Partners


As one of our longest-running programmes of work, ELFM/Chapel FM has had 23 different sources of funding since 2003. Currently Heads Together receives core funding from the Arts Council of England and the Tudor Trust which supports our work running ELFM.

We also have ongoing funding from Leeds City Council (through arts@Leeds and the East North East Leeds Area Committee) and recent grants from First Light and Youth Music.


We have strong relationships with the schools in East Leeds through a series of groupings that we co-ordinate (Writing for Radio and EastLeedsLive) and a strong relationship with Artforms–the music and arts team at Leeds City Council. We are also developing an East Leeds writers' group with Leeds Libraries.

We also work closely with the East North East Leeds Area Management Team along with numerous local community groups, gala committees, festivals, etc.