Heads team

Adrian Sinclair | Creative Director

After an early start in rugby and engineering, Adrian trained in theatre and dance and performed throughout this country and in Europe. He was one of the founders of Heads Together in 1986 and is currently Creative Director. His own creative work is currently focused in film and radio.

Adrian is responsible for the creative direction of all of Heads Together's work —designing projects and managing the creative teams. Over the past few years he has taken prime responsibility for the development of Chapel FM—the first-ever dedicated arts venue for East Leeds; as well as the companies international work in Europe and in Japan

Linda Strudwick | Development Director

Linda has a background in media work and has vast experience of funding and training issues - both in the statutory and voluntary sector. She now works as Development Director with Heads Together.

After obtaining a Media Studies BA from Leeds University in 1988, Linda worked for the Leeds International Film Festival for two years and then Leeds City Council as Community Arts Officer. Following posts with the Industrial Common Ownership Movement (ICOM) and the Community Radio Association, Linda joined Heads Together in 1998. She is responsible for developing new strategies for Heads Together, particularly with respect to funding.

Ed Heaton | ELFM Music Director

Ed has a background in theatre and music.  After graduating Goldsmiths with a BA in Drama & Theatre Arts and Leeds College of Music with a HND in Music Production he set up The Soundmill recording studio in 2004, which he continues to run.

He began working with ELFM as 'The Jingle Man' for their first ever broadcast in 2003 before becoming Music Director in 2007.  As well as organising all of ELFM's live music broadcasts and events, Ed also co-ordinates our work with young musicians working on the Next Generation and Assoicate Bands training programmes. 

Peter Spafford | ELFM Director of Words

Peter has been writing professionally for over twenty years. He divides his writing activity into two categories: Writing In Here and Writing Out There which he says are of equal importance.

Writing In Here is work he produces in a room by himself: poetry, for instance, or plays for Radio 4. When he's Writing Out There, a good chunk of that work includes the vast range of community and educational work he does with East Leeds FM, including the annual broadcast literature festival Writing on Air.

Peter has an incredible skill in getting people–of all ages and from all walks of life–enjoying the beauty of words and the possibilities of writing. He's a wordo!

Katy Hayley | ELFM Director of Learning

Katy would have liked to be a vet—but she can't stand the sight of blood! So she trained in graphic design and has been working creatively within education for over ten years. She enjoys working collaboratively and is particularly focused on encouraging young people to achieve; and for them to recognise and feel proud of their achievements.

Which is great for Heads Together, because she is currently working as Director of Learning with East Leeds FM. She is reponsible for all the participation and education activities that we run, including the Arts Award programme—accrediting all the work that our young volunteers have put in.