All in the Mind was a partnership between Heads Together and Bradford District Care Trust (BDCT) which was initiated by the Early Intervention in Psychosis Team. The team worked in residence at Lynfield Mount Psychiatric Hospital between 2010-15


The project aimed to find ways to improve communication about mental health issues; particularly at the point of crisis. How to better structure the information given to people in distress, their families and friends?


The main themes developed were:

  1. An active hospital: Making sense of the time between eating, sleeping and taking the drugs.
  2. Narrative: Using narrative to aid communication between staff, service-users and their families; in order to promote hope and understanding.
  3. Environment: Developing the use of the physical environment of the hospital in order to better communicate and stimulate.

Latest News

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All in the Mind Newsletter

Newsletter from our Arts and Mental Health programme of work in partnership with Bradford District Care Trust

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By using creative approaches such as art, writing and photography, Heads Together have brought a fresh approach to an area that few have regarded as a priority. Their creativity, imagination and integrity are enabling progress that could not be achieved through traditional approaches.

Stephen McGowan

Bradford & Airedale Lead for Early Intervention in Psychosis

Funding & Partners


The project was awarded funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation who are particularly interested in improving integration for people facing disadvantage. Being diagnosed with a mental illness has such a profound effect on someone's identity, as well as how the person is viewed by their family, their peers and by society at large. Improving understanding is a key factor in improving integration. The project aimed to inform discussions and practice at a regional and national level.


All in the Mind was a long-term partnership with the Bradford and Airedale District Care Trust. As part of the process a steering group has been set up for the project consisting of a range of professionals involved in the arts and mental health fields.